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What is Holistic Grooming?

Holistic Grooming isn’t just some hippy-dippy catch phrase, but a philosophy and practice that appreciates that the animals we groom are sentient beings with their own complex thoughts and needs.


Holistic grooming is looking at the whole picture of the individual animal and understanding that what works for other animals may not work for them. With this in mind, a Holistic Groomer will adapt to the specific needs of the animal being groomed, rather than forcing them fit into “normal” grooming techniques or what other animals do. 


Holistic Grooming is not just about the physical act of the groom; it is also about understanding that mind and body are inextricably linked.   You cant have a dog looking its best when its mind and body are not performing its best. The ideal outcome for a fantastic holistic groom isn’t just a beautiful haircut, but a happy animal.


Grooming Products

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Warren London focuses on using natural ingredients will minimize your dog's exposure to unnecessary chemicals. Your dog deserves only the best and Warren London will keep your dog smiling for many years to come. 

Warren London is a US based manufacturing company and our main goal is to make innovative luxury spa and grooming products that get great results. Most of our products are manufactured at a state of the art 70,000 Sq. Ft. facility located in Valencia, CA.  We hope to make grooming your dog not only a fun experience but an easy and effective one. We refuse to release any product that is not top of the line. Our team has researched these products and have worked with our chemists to focus on using natural ingredients that we have collected from around the world to bring you the very best.


Earthbath® has been a pioneer in natural grooming products for dogs, cats, and small animals since 1995. Earthbath® products are developed and manufactured in California with only the safest, finest ingredients from nature.

From humble roots and a local following–based on the principles of purity and efficacy–Earthbath has grown from four shampoos to a comprehensive line of natural shampoos, wipes, spritzes, and grooming foams that are sold and used by conscientious animal lovers across the nation and around the world.

All baths & Haircuts Include:

Shampoo & Conditioner

Blow Dry

15 Minutes of brushing

Nail Trim & Grinding

Ears cleaned

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